Blocks Received

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I know I’ve said it before…but I HAVE to say it again!  I am so lucky to have won these wonderful Pineapple Blossom blocks!  I received six more today.  And our lotto friends are so clever and interesting!

My blocks from Pokey in CA came in a fun, colorfully decorated, bright envelope. Pink, blue, yellow, green paper patches on the envelope and little notes like smiley faces and “Congratulations!” written on the envelope. My husband loved the “Congratulations!” written there.

And from Diana in Northhampton England, I got a delightful notecard that features a quilt that was made by her quilt group and traded with Northhampton Australia. She did say that they  made two of those quilts, one to trade and one to keep. The blockwork shows part of their history. Very interesting!

What I’ve received so far.

I’ve not been very creative in sending my blocks…I just send them but now I’m going to try to think of cute things to do differently.

Again…I am so LUCKY!     Toni

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