Shelley is our Alternate Winner for May

Posted by on June 2, 2011 in blocks | Comments Off on Shelley is our Alternate Winner for May

I haven’t been able to reach Julie Wy by email or by posting on her blog.  The rule (new since April) is that winners must get in touch with me within 24 hours of the posted results of the random “drawing.” 

I truly hope Julie is OK and I hate to enforce the rule,  but after giving Julie an additional 24 hours I have chosen an alternate winner.

Congratulations Shelley!  Because Shelley’s name was drawn last, Andra is bumped up and will receive a set of 36 blocks and Shelley will receive a set of 20–enough to make a 57.5 x 68 inch throw like the one on Bonnie Hunt’s pineapple blossom page.

I am always saying that the Block Lotto continues to be a success because of all of you–doing your best to make blocks and mailing them to virtual strangers month after month.  Some of you have been so eager to get your Pineapple Blossom’s in the mail that you have been emailing me about getting the info.  I hope I will hear from Shelley soon (verifying her address and letting me know how many of her blocks she wants to keep) … as soon as I have, I can send out the mailing info to everyone.

Please let today’s drawing for an alternate winner be a reminder to everyone with a vested interest in the outcome to LET ME KNOW if you aren’t going to be able to check the blog and/or email on the last day/first day of the month … so, in case you win we can be prepared and keep the wheels of the Block Lotto bus turning.

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