June Block Winners!

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Congratulations to this month’s winners! I have stopped (briefly) from our packing and purging here in Hong Kong to post these names:

  1. Laura
  2. Shelley
  3. Linda N.
  4. Nancy
  5. Karen
  6. Mary Jane
  7. Pat
  8. Gail
  9. Vivi
Winners #1 – #8 will receive a set of 48 blocks
Winner #9 will receive a set of 32 blocks
Don’t forget to contact Sophie to let her know your wishes and have fun with these three cool colors!

***  Edited because MB had asked to donate their chances.  GAIL is our replacement winner ***

*** Edited again because of a non-response from one of our original winners, Vivi is the alternate for Jo ***

*** Edited one last time because of a non-repsonse from Vivi.  Jo is re-added to the list ***

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