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I have heard from all the winners except Jo in Oman.  For those who are wondering (and I know you are, since I’ve already had some email about it) when they’ll be receiving the mailing info for the June 3-patch blocks,  it’s almost good to go . . . I just need to hear from Jo (or pick an alternate winner). 

I found some time today to (fonally) create the lotto block index for 2011 . . . and add the last blocks to the 2010 index.  Next, I’ll work on getting everything added to the Block Patterns page.  Whether you look through all the blocks chronologically on the yearly index pages or alphabetically on the block patterns page, it’s a pretty interesting collection of block designs, techniques and color-ways.

I also plan to add all the great projects made from or inspired by lotto blocks to our Gallery. In the meantime, you can use the label quilts to see al the posts containing the great things that everyone has made. 

As I mentioned in the June recap post, we’re now at 100 authors, which is the limit that blogspot allows.  No one should panic, there will always be a way for anyone who wants to join to do so, but sometime soon, I will probably check for quilters that haven’t made blocks for a while … and make their author spots available to those that want to join (or re-join) the block lotto community.

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