Dear Newbies (and others)

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As everyone might guess, lately life–my new job and my new apartment, mostly–have consumed me and while I have tried to keep up with everything, including the Block Lotto, I haven’t been posting my usual comments on posts . . .  and I haven’t even made blocks for this month.  I believe I have responded to everyone who has asked to join the block lotto. So,

If you have sent an email saying, I want to join, you should have received a response from me telling you what info I need from you.

If you have sent the name and physical and electronic mailing info, you should have received a response letting you know and encouraging to make blocks.

If you have send your info AND have made blocks, you should have received an email from me AND from blogspot inviting you to become an author of this blog.

I believe I have followed up with everyone, but just in case, if you’re waiting on something from me … you might want to remind me.  Your last message may be lost in my email in-box.

Likewise, if ANYONE has emailed me (or left a comment) and are waiting for a response/acknowledgement from me, please REMIND me.  Thanks.

. . .  and while I have your attention, I’ll add the reminder that you have ONE WEEK to make and post your blocks in order to receive the SNEAK PEEK email with the advance information for the September lotto block.

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