Internet AT LAST

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We have been without internet since Friday, except for a brief hour or so yesterday (which I did not catch until the last 15 minutes), so I am way way way behind in letting people know what has arrived here, July Block Lotto-wise so here it is:  I have received blocks from Belinda in Texas, Caroline in North Dakota, Ellie in Ohio, Janet in California, Julie in California, June in California, Kathy in Ohio, Laura in Georgia, LPB in North Carolina, Pat in Michigan, Sandi in Georgia, & Vickie in Alberta.

To all of you I owe a huge thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!  This month has been well…odd & these blocks were really the high point.  & also thank you for the little gifts tucked in among so many of them!  I love the little squares of fabric & hallowe’en stuff & ,  & ,  & ..I am so overwhelmed I cannot remember it all now, but each envelope made me jump up & down.  No really.

In other news associated only by time, I managed to squeeze out seven (7) more violets for a total of nine (9).  Will the Block Lotto gods strike twice in a row?  Maybe if I explain to them how very insane it has been, ripping out my old kitchen (saying good-bye: I never loved that kitchen but I was very happy there), collecting for the Facebook Quilt Block Swap August 2011 swap from the largest group of new swappers since the group started in Feb 2009, classes starting next Monday, my husband (the professor) out of town until Tuesday….night & oh yea, contractors arriving a week early, just in time for me NOT to be able to board the dogs because it is a holiday week next week & the kennel has been booked for months!  That’s right Block Lotto Gods, whatever you do don’t let me win two months in a row…

What was that Sophie?  Do I want to donate my chances?  Uhm, no, no I don’t!  I love this block!

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