A Newbie Asked …

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Someone asked (in a comment) about how we’ll be splitting up the blocks and sending them to the winners–whether we’d be sending matched sets of three or purposely NOT sending blocks with the same fabrics to a single winner.  

Some of you probably know how I think well enough that you might have a good guess, but for the MANY (8 so far) first-timers and others that are wondering . . .

  • If you make 3 blocks, you’ll send them all to a single winner. 
  • If you make 6 or 9 blocks, you’ll be splitting them up and mailing them to three winners so that the 2 or 3 blocks that you send to each winner are made from different fabrics. 

So the winners will receive SOME blocks with repeated fabric combinations, but with lots of scrappy variation. 

The target set size will be 48, but depending on how many blocks we end up making it could be a little more or less, but all winners will receive at least 36 blocks.

Based on the numbers so far, if we have 7 winners, they will each receive 2 matched sets of 3 blocks and the rest would be unique blocks. (If you really hated the idea of have some duplicate fabric combinations in your blocks, you might suggest a swap with one another.)

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