I’ve Got Good News and more Good News

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This morning, I heard from the last two winners (good news) and so tonight I was able to finish up the mailing info and send it to everyone  (more good news).

If you made Violet blocks, you should have email from me.  If not, let me know and I’ll try again–please check your spam folder and make sure it’s not hiding there.  When you send email to sixty-some quilters, it begins to looks like spam to some email applications 😉

. . . and while I have your attention . . .

There has been a flurry of blog posts today (filled with beautiful curved rail block!)  and so you might have missed Jennifer’s question about tricks for sewing those curved seams:

Curved Rails Q & A

I edited the post to add some tips from my experience, but if you have a technique that works well for you, please go add a comment and help her out.  I know a couple of you have said you “love curves” … so I know that among us, we can help her learn this new-to-her skill.    Thanks.

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