The only dumb question…

Posted by on September 2, 2011 in blocks | Comments Off on The only dumb question…

is the one not asked, right?

So what, exactly, makes a fabric a “batik”? After you announced a couple of months back that for Sept. we needed batiks I ordered a FQ bundle of “Indian Batiks” from someplace. Problem is they are all blue or pink and very similar (2 are actually the same fabric) After looking at the fabrics some of you have already posted I know I have some fabrics in my stash that appear to be batiks, but nothing on the selvage indicates this. I don’t want to use the wrong fabrics.

At the very least I need something to contrast with the blues and pink I bought. Maybe I should just use this as an excuse to go fabric shopping – LOL.

Any and all tips appreciated.

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