October blocks and curved rail mailing

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These are my 9 blocks for October, which I am donating since I was a winner for September. 
The churn dash/attic window was a result of me just not cutting the pieces the right size. I hummed along, sewing blithely, then re-measured. After laughing at my REALLY silly blunder, I decided it could use an attic window setting to make it the needed size. The blue “roses” were just too fun to pass up, and the 3D block was inspired by a black and white block I saw.  The log cabins are of fabric that is two shades of blue and cream fabric that just HAD to be used in this lotto.  I admit that my fabric seems to dictate the blocks I do (It really feels like it dictates sometimes.  Fabric can be SO opinionated!  :~} )
Good luck to all!  The blocks that have been posted are really NEAT!  They are going to make some striking sampler quilts!
Also, I am mailing the 3 envelopes of curved rail batik blocks tomorrow to Andrew, Cyndi and Gwen. 
Corinne in Forks, WA
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