Tall Flys

Posted by on April 7, 2013 in show and tell | Comments Off on Tall Flys

Here are my Tall Flys. Funny how these colors lend themselves to fruit and veggies. Remember Helen did tomatoes. Someone commented on how prolific I was. In the manner of full disclosure I have to admit that after 30 plus years of quilting I often make what I call “personal quilts” in the size of 54×60 or 64 x 70 rather than full size quilts.

Also, please note the pieced backing. I am on a fabric “diet” and am using fabric from my stash. I only wonder, with the current price of fabric, how am I going to be able to replace it? If you read my blog you will see that recently I have been fortunate enough to have friends that donate their scraps to me. Lucky me!  I love scraps! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


The backing fabric is a zig zag pattern. Seeing these pictures I think I need a new digital camera. MMMM, maybe after being on a fabric diet I can afford a new one.



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