Another Flying Geese Design Idea

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Angie shared a link to these blocks in a comment and I thought it was worth sharing in a post of it’s own. It came from Gail Bong Quilts Too

Gail Bong's Geese Quilt


If you added a 3 1/2 inch by 9 1/2 inch rectangle to the left side of our May block to create a 9-inch (finished size) square, then put four of them together to form blocks like these, you’d make an 18 inch version of this block, which would have all the dark geese in the center and the light geese around the edges–which I think would be an interesting effect.

If you won (or made) 48 geese blocks, they could be made into 12 of these blocks and in a 3 by 4 arrangement like this (no sashing) would measure 54 by 72 inches.  If you like this idea and are curious how these blocks might look with sashing be sure to click over to Gail Bong’s blog and work your way back through her posts about this project.

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