A whole flock

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Iblock lotto 2013 MAY-6 have been CRANKING through a project for an entirely different swap group & almost as filler I have run through a few geese.  At least I thought it was a few.  Apparently I have been at the sewing machine a bit too much this week so I am closing the sewing room door & going out to play with my dogs, root some roses, hold the ladder while my husband caulks the skylight (hello hurricane season!) & anything else I can think of to let my brain change gears

In the meantime here are eighteen (18) geese blocks to donate please.  Added to the three (3) I put up earlier in the week that is…oy gevalt… TWENTY ONE geese in total for mb, in Fladidah, all to donate please.

So embarrassing, but at least the scrap pile is smaller….right?   block lotto 2013 MAY-5




block lotto 2013 MAY-4




block lotto 2013 MAY-2




block lotto 2013 MAY-3






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