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Wow, can’t believe I won some of these blocks. I only had a chance to make one this month and plus, I just won a couple months ago, so I figured there was no likelihood at all. But I have to say, I’m so thrilled.  For one thing, I love this block and have been hoping to have time to make some for myself – now I won’t have to (might need to  make a few to even out the numbers but not a whole quilt worth). For another thing, it’s lovely to have something fun and unexpected to add to my April, as there have been a few tough things – my MIL died last week, and while it was not unexpected due to her age and extremely poor health, you can imagine it’s had an effect on the family.  In fact, we only got back today from Leicester, for the funeral and so forth and I’m so shattered I almost went to bed without reading my email – glad I didn’t.

Anyway.  I digress. But I’m really looking forward to seeing all the blocks arrive, even more than last time, because I think the birds will be so individual and full of character.

And let this be a lesson to all of you, and potential players – it only takes one entry to wi!

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