Design Ideas from Another Sailboat Quilt

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I promise.  This will be the last one … unless I come across something else that I find interesting enough that I can’t resist sharing 🙂

This Baby Sailboat quilt came from a Leisure Arts Publication, Quick Method – Classic Blue Quilts.  It’s quite old, but I found some copies online on eBay … and I wouldn’t be surprised to still see it on shelves at Jo-Ann.

Sailboat Baby Quilt
Sailboat Quilting Design

I think there’s a couple of interesting design elements in this quilt.

  1. The strip of background fabric at the bottom of the sailboat blocks gives them some sea to float upon.
  2. The quilting design.  I wasn’t sure if you could see it in the photo of the quilt–it’s really what caught my eye–so I included the diagram from the pattern.

Both these ideas could be used with our blocks and a similar tall ships quilt could be made from them.

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