And the July Winners Are …

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WinningNumbersOf the 120 blocks made this month by 33 quilters, 24 were donated to the pot, leaving 96 chances in the drawing today.  Because these blocks will likely be used in kids projects, I decided to divide them into three slightly=smaller-than-usual sets of 40 blocks, which I believe will still give the winners enough to play with and, if they want, use only those that fit their quilt design idea.

This month, I ordered the names in the list based on the number of blocks … so if you made 1 or 2 blocks, you were at the top of the list and if you made the maximum number of 9, you were at the bottom.

And the winners are:

#85 – Michelle

#62 – Pat K

#10 – Maria

After a couple months of sending blocks around the globe, this month, all three winners are in North America.

Congratulations to our winners.  Look for email from me later today to confirm your mailing address and ask how many of your own blocks you’d like to keep.


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