Mid-Month Reminders

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  • Mail your Tall Star blocks.  

    If you made tall stars with red skies and haven’t yet mailed them, please make an effort to do so as soon as you can.   In the ideal Block Lotto world in my head, winners will receive all their blocks from the previous month before the sneak peek email goes out for the next month.  I appreciate that it’s not always possible, but I think it’s a good goal.

    Speaking of mailing, I had planned to mail my block on September 4, printed labels and everything … and couldn’t find my blocks.  They actually were where I put them away each month (on the shelf with my scrap bins), but I kept looking right past them and freaking out a little because I didn’t know where they could be if they weren’t where I always put them.  Today I took one last look before sitting down to make some replacement blocks and found them.  I took them to the Post Office so that they’ll be on their way to Linda, Sharon and Cathy first thing tomorrow.

  • Blog about Color.  

    The theme for this month’s Linky Party is color.  If you have blogged about color, don’t forget to add the link.  If you haven’t, think of creating a colorful post and joining the party.

  • Upcoming Deadlines this month.  

    If you want to receive the sneak peek for October, be sure to make/post photos of your Boomer blocks no later than 12:00 PM (noon) Eastern (US) time on Monday, September 23.

    The deadline for the drawing this month is 12:00 PM (noon) Eastern (US) time on Monday, September 23.

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