Sophies “Duds”

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Sophie's DudsHere are my 12 blocks for the Orphans & Duds lotto.

From the top:

My sample block for the scrappy version of the Oak Leaf (October, 2013).

On the left, the 10-inch multicolor star is Marcia Hohn’s Whirling Star (November, 2003)

On the right, one traditional, 6 inch square Boomer (July 2009) and beneath it, another traditional block, cactus pot (May, 2009).

Two (mostly) red 8-inch scrappy 16-patch blocks (April 2008)

Six 9-inch maple leaf blocks (April 2007)


FYI, when you post your orphans & duds, you don’t have to identify them … I just did it because it was easy for me to do and I thought if any of the block patterns caught your eye, I’d make it easy for you to find the original directions in the Block Index posts.

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