3 Gorgeous Chained Stars Received

Posted by on April 14, 2014 in sent and received | Comments Off on 3 Gorgeous Chained Stars Received

I was very happy to open the post box and find 3 Beautiful Blocks! Sophie’s Batick is sophisticated and elegant, Peggy M.s baby polka dots is playful and fun, Kathleen L.s striped waves and Baby polka dots a masterpiece! I don’t know how you got it all lined up but, it is perfect. Every Block is well constructed and gorgeous.Thank you Ladies…I am thrilled and appreciate your beautiful work. It may be serendipity but all have elements of my favorite colours Greens and Oranges! I am also enjoying the lovely postcards and their messages…Have a Wonderful Day Ladies ,I know I’m whistling. ( since all your posts were sent at the same time and from very different locations and arrived here on the same day ,I suspect they may be held as a group then delivered About 12 days…that is very good I think)

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