WordPress App problems on iPad/iPhone

Posted by on April 2, 2014 in Help | Comments Off on WordPress App problems on iPad/iPhone

Helen discovered a problem with the WordPress App for iPad.  When you try to add a post, you’ll see an error like this:

Wordpress App Error

If you can access our site from a browser, you’ll see it IS accessible.

After a quick look around online, it looks like the issue is related to the secure connection being used by the app.  I will need to make a change (or purchase an upgrade) on the site to support the increased security in the WordPress app … but it will take some time for me to figure out the details of what and how  … or for WordPress to send out another upgrade for their app that will, perhaps, fix the problem from their side.

In the meantime, if you usually post from iPad/iPhone and are stuck, email me with the photo of your blocks and I’ll post it for you.

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