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Mailing Info

If you made and posted blocks in November, you should have just received email from me with the mailing info for your blocks.

As always, I ask everyone to take a quick look–to make sure I haven’t made a mistake with your information–and to mail your blocks in the next two weeks.

If you find a mistake or if you didn’t receive the update, please let me know ASAP.  I am heading back to the hotel soon, but should be able to take care of most problems with my iPad.


Personal update

For those following my personal saga, I met with one of the plumbers bidding on the work to replace the heating system in my rented house.  He walked into my studio (which is where the heater and hot water heater are also located), saw my mod-mod sampler quilt still hanging on the stand from yesterday’s photography session and asked if he could take a photo for his wife and mom–both are quilters.

As we chatted about how I would be unable to move things in preparation for the work because of my accident and he told me his story about a mysterious internal bleeding situation … unfortunately, his symptoms sound a little too much like some of mine.

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