My First Block and the Fusible Frame Technique

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If you found the brief description a little confusing, here is more information about how to use paper-backed fusible to create a frame and just fuse the edges.  While it doesn’t matter much for this month’s Lotto block because we don’t have a lot of overlapping layers, if you are making something more complex and layered, it’s a good technique to know.

Begin by tracing the appliqué shape on the paper side of the paper-backed fusible. Roughly cut just outside the line and also INSIDE the line leaving at least 1/4 inch of the paper and fusible–mine is about a 1/2 inch wide.


DSCN8035  DSCN8036


Follow the directions supplied with your fusible product to fuse the non-paper side your shape to the appliqué fabric. Then cut ON the line to create the exact appliqué shape.


DSCN8037  DSCN8038


Peel the paper away from the fusible frame. position the appliqué on the background fabric and fuse in place. When you fuse an appliqué shape in place using this method, you have the option of turning the block over and cutting away the background from under the appliqué.


DSCN8039  DSCN8040


Repeat the process for the circle center shape.


DSCN8041  DSCN8042

This is my first block.  I’ll be back with more … and more information about the different ways you might decide to stitch down the appliqué shapes on these blocks.

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