Bizarre Behavior (on

Posted by on May 30, 2015 in Help | Comments Off on Bizarre Behavior (on

In the middle of creating the post about setting a Featured Image, I became disconnected from, with the error that said the  server was not responding.

I was a little freaked out because of the timing as we are on the brink of the end-of-the-month/beginning-of-the-month rush and I worried what would happen if the site was down for long.

I checked with our hosting company and couldn’t find any notice of maintenance or outages.  I went to my dashboard for the site and didn’t find anything there, either.  I thought about going upstairs to grab my iPad and see if it would make a difference (which, as it turns out, it might have …)

I contacted the online help and found out that my IP (associated with my Mac) had been blocked while I was in the middle of creating an article.

I mention my bizarre experience in case any of you find yourselves unable to bring up block … be sure to let me know via email so I can follow-up and figure out why … and get your IP unblocked if you have a similar experience to mine today.

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