Mailing Info for June Blocks

Posted by on July 1, 2015 in housekeeping | Comments Off on Mailing Info for June Blocks

I have just sent out the mailing info to everyone who made and posted blocks in June.

A couple things are different this month:

  1. If you made more than 4 blocks, you will be mailing to multiple winners.  Be sure to send equal numbers of blue-corner and white-corner blocks to each winner. You can send matched pairs (made from the same fabrics) or mix them up for a more scrappy mix, but be sure you send pairs of 1 block with white corners + 1 block with blue corners.
  2. I will be going radio-silent (no computer or internet) as soon as I post this. It might be only a day … it depends on if/how well my internet service provider handles it. If you find an error, as always, let me know, but I may not be able to respond and/or fix it right away. Thanks in advance for understanding.
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