Mailing Information for December’s Wonky Strips

Posted by on January 2, 2016 in housekeeping | Comments Off on Mailing Information for December’s Wonky Strips

arrows mailedI have just emailed everyone who has made and posted blocks last month with the information you need to mail your December blocks.

If you made Wonky Strips and should have received the email but didn’t, let me know ASAP. (Looking in your email application’s SPAM folder first is always a good idea.)

If you received it, I would appreciate it if you would open the attachment and confirm that the information I have for you is correct and let me know ASAP if it is not.   Thanks.

As always, I ask everyone to mail in the next two weeks so that our four winners–Julie, Marianne, Myrna and Teresa–receive their blocks before the sneak peek is mailed on January 24.  This is mostly for my benefit so that I only have to be thinking about 2 months of the block lotto at a time, but I know the winners appreciate it, too.

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