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Posted by on January 3, 2016 in housekeeping | Comments Off on Systems/Server News

The company that hosts is moving this site from one data center (in southern California) to another (in Portland, Oregon).  If Block Lotto seems to be really slow next week, that’s probably why.  Here’s part of their email to me about it:

Hello Beloved Customer,

We’ve recently opened up a brand-spanking new data center in Portland, Oregon! We’ve got plans to move your sites to servers in this new data center at the start of next week or shortly thereafter. We will be closely monitoring the migration process, however, please note that you may experience some higher-than-usual load times while your data is being migrated. Rest assured that any speed issues that you see as a result of the migration process are temporary. The real-world impact should be minimal, but we wanted to contact now to give you a heads-up and a pre-emptive apology for any inconvenience this may cause!

If you experience any problems accessing next week beyond slowness, please do email me to make sure I am aware of it and I can check for status with the provider.

In other systems news … this afternoon I deleted 1500 accounts which have been set up here in the last couple months, but appear to be bogus/malicious.  I didn’t touch anything that looked at all legitimate, but if you are a subscriber and your account disappeared, let me also offer a pre-emptive apology.

When we were trying to use a blog on Blogger, my biggest administrative headache was trying to deal with their limit of 100 authors.  It blew me away when I was helping our first newbie of 2016 set up her account that there were 1500 other subscribers … how things have changed 🙂

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