Quilt Pink Weekend

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This was Quilt Pink Weekend. I celebrated by photographing all the blocks received so far from Quilting forum members on about.com.

These blocks were made by Ardyth, Brenda, Cathy, Chris, Colene, Debbie, Desiree, Grace, Jen, Julie, Kathi, Lee Ann, Michelle, Sandy, Suzy, Sylvia, Terri, Tracy, Vanessa and me.

They’re obviously taken at different times, hence the variation in white backgrounds, but aren’t they pretty?

Jen Brenda Brenda Brenda Suzy Suzy Cathy Cathy Tracy Tracy Tracy Julie Ardyth Michelle Sylvia Chris Sandy Debbie Michelle Desiree Desiree Desiree Desiree Desiree Grace Grace Grace Vanessa Kathi Lee Ann Colene Colene Colene Colene Terri sophie

I’ll post more of the pink and orange lotto blocks soon.

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