I wasn’t

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I really was going to skip this month because I have so many Christmas projects going on right now, several I want done by Thanksgiving to send as early presents (quilts that are Christmas themed mostly) but as I was getting some Christmas themed fabric out of a tub to use as backing I had to pull out nine different Christmas themed fabrics….yup, nine exactly. So I made them.

As I was cutting the fabric I told myself “I’ll just donate my chances this month, I have too many projects for this Christmas and I’d hate to have those blocks just sitting around for 10 or so months before I put them into a project.

Then I made two sets. Two. One for me, and one for the lotto. One set to keep if I win and can send the other set to the other winners (I noticed we had at least 100 blocks so far this month and it’s only the 14th) so I could be selfish but not too selfish. And if I don’t win, then I have an idea for all this other random holiday fabric I have. (Easter fabric? with fancy scissors on it? If you need some, I have it! hehe!)

Moral of the story, here are my nine blocks, and yes I am playing for the pot this month. Good intentions out the window.
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