Kate’s Batik Sawtooth Stars Tablecloth

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Many of you may be wondering just what this project has to do with the block lotto, but a while back (October 2007, according to Sophie’s handy guide), I was lucky enough to win a set of batik sawtooth stars in the block lotto. It’s taken a little while to finish making something with them, but I reckon it was worth the wait!

The stars themselves are gorgeous, and I had quite a hard time working out what I wanted to do with them. I played around with a lot of different kinds of settings, but in the end was inspired by a row type setting I saw somewhere else (who knows where any more) – I never really think to set my blocks in rows – don’t know why, as it can be very effective. The border fabric is a stripey batik I bought in a sale somewhere and then could never work out what do use it for, so being able to find a project it suits made me very happy.

I decided to make this quilt into a tablecloth as when I was laying it out on my table, trying to work out value placement for the star blocks, it just seemed to suit the space. And I haven’t got any quilted table runners or cloths (astonishing, isn’t it).

So, now that I’ve finished a project from lotto blocks, I reckon it’s time for another win – I sure hope some of those great January blocks will come my way!

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