liberated log cabin

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These are my first log cabins, liberated or otherwise, so I didn’t get very wonky in the strip width variations, even tho the fabrics are pretty varied. (My 2 current most active projects are a “grandmother’s flower garden” so I’ve collected a lot of solids to go with the 30s prints as the first ring of the hexagon, and my other project is a 60s-feel quilt with the Beatles fabrics and some tie die, so you’ll see a bit of both of these in my 2 pairs. ) Since I have plenty of fun ahead with these 2 and the sudden treasure of winning the “terms of endearment”, I’m donating these 2 pair this month. (Plus, I don’t really get the vision on this one, even though they were fun to make). Now I’ll schedule a real log cabin (maybe just a pillow), in my future, since they aren’t that hard.
Linda from Big D
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