Liberated Log Cabin with Attitude – March 2010

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Phew, these are done…  I’ve only ever done a single log cabin in two fabrics with handstitching before, so I understood the basic principle of going round like a snail, but sticking to the rules tested my concentration levels!

I also found the ‘attitude bit’ tricky until I realised that each log cabin has 3 centre pieces, one horizontal and 2 vertical that make a ‘unit’ – and if I got the horizontal unit on the ‘bottom’, then did the tilting and cutting for ‘attitude’ and also tacked a small pink upward arrow into the relevant bottom corner after using a template for the tilt, but before trimming: it all came together without too much extra thought. I hope!

These are also the first time I’ve conciously tried the scrappy approach.

As I won at my first attempt with the TicTacToe, I’m donating my chances for this month.

Before the trimming, I really wasn’t at all convinced about the choice of fabrics/ combinations at all, but Sophie was right so trusting her judgement and not starting again was the right choice!

Afterwards I had a load of left over strips, plus the large triangles trimmed from the main blocks as I’d grossly overcreated to about 13″ each.  So I decided to see if I could cobble them together into a ‘new’ fabric then cut more blocks out of them like Sophie did for one of her quilts a month or so ago.  The results are posted here on my blog (as it’s nothing to do with Block Lotto, just inspired by this months’ challenge  but I’d appreciate any advice!)

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