17 Comments Later …

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I came straight home tonight and played Block Lotto catch-up. 17 comments posted (from me) later, I think I’ve done it 😉

I believe I have updated the list with everyone’s new photos … but it couldn’t hurt for you to take a look and make sure that I have YOU on the list and the number of PAIRS of blocks I have for you is correct.

If I haven’t skipped anyone, we now have 64 PAIRS OF TREES.  My plan is that winners this month will receive a set of 20-25 tree PAIRS, which means we already have enough for THREE WINNERS. 

It’s funny how even though I don’t know that many people here yet, I’m still suddenly super-busy with holiday STUFF.   I feel like I’m dancing as fast as I can but can’t manage to get everything done … like my lotto blocks … and some directions for making the more complex trees … and mailing my sample blocks to all the November winners (which I hope to do tomorrow morning before work).

I hope you all are maintaining a better balance than me during the holiday season which is now well upon us 😉

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