2010 December Trees

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Hello, all!  I’m Sara Homeyer from Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Very glad to join your fun group.  I wish I had found you earlier in your “wonky” year, because I am a fan of Gwen Marston.  I would have enjoyed your earlier blocks.

Here are my first two pairs of trees, 12″ and 9″ when finished:

I find they are not quite “identical twins” because I don’t remember how closely I aligned the first set when sewing the layers together.  Hope that is OK with the recipients.

I decided right away to make a pair for myself right after making the Lotto pair.
Then I went back a read the directions again, and found I had gone wrong in using a solid jewel fabric for two pairs.  Back to the drawing board!

I found some TOT fabrics and made these three pairs today, which all seem to be leaning to the right:

Thanks to Sophie for her assistance.


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