November Winners!

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It feels so odd to me on those rare months when I end up randomly choosing the winners myself, instead of mailing someone a list and instructions.  I find myself reminding myself of those same things I include as instructions for ALL our winner-pickers like pay close attention to the names because we have quilters this month with the same first name like Pat and Linda and with very similar names like Balinda and Belinda. I always remind our “winner pickers” that after the search results are generated and they compare the winners to their numbered list of names, to make sure that no one wins twice–because one set of blocks is usually enough.  But honestly, I wondered how often that it happens that someone would have won twice . . . I can tell you that this month would have been one of those times. 

As you might guess (if you can read that), the first two numbers, 32 and 37, both point to our number #1 winner, Cory.

Cory is our “very lucky” winner this month–she joins a very elite (and lucky!) club of quilters who have won lotto blocks two months in a row.  Congratulations, Cory.

In addition to our “very lucky” winner, we also have a newbie (Linda G.), an oldie–who has been a Block Lotto follower for a long time, but hasn’t won in a long while (Laura) and someone who has persevered, even though they haven’t yet won … until now (Linnea).  What’s with all the L-names this month?

Here’s out winners list in order:

  1. Cory – 30 blocks
  2. Linnea – 30 blocks
  3. Linda G. – 28 blocks
  4. Laura – 25 blocks

Congratulations to all of you. 

I will be sending the winners email messages to let them know they’ve won, confirming their mailing address, and asking how many of their own blocks they’d like to keep. When I have heard from them, I will email a chart to everyone with mailing addresses and instructions on who mails how many blocks to which winners. 

Because these are bigger blocks than usual for us and I want the winners to get as many different blocks as possible, I may be splitting things up more than usual.

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