February Fabrics

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February 2011 Block Lotto Fabric ExamplesSince I was putting fabrics aside for FEBRUARY today, as I was organizing my scraps, I thought I’d share a peek  . . .  for anyone who might also be in an organizing mood at the beginning of the year or who just likes to plan ahead.

These are “strings” – strips of fabric that range between 3/4 inch and 2 inches wide.  We will be making string fabric to use in our February block.   The “strings” may be any color, solid, print, woven plaids, hand dyes, batiks–if you look close you can see I have all that an more (and I’ve only sorted through my red, blue and green scrap bags.)

If you don’t have a scrap bag full of strings, you can always cut some strips to use for the February block.  Make them varied widths.  They don’t have to be perfectly straight.  This would be a great month to use some of that WWIT (What was I thinking) fabric that you wonder if you’ll ever use.

You will also need some VERY DARK fabric.  It can be black or very dark green, brown, blue, etc.  If it’s not black, it should be so dark that from across the room, you wonder, “is that black or …” It can be solid or a tone-on-tone print but shouldn’t have any other color in it.  A black on black print that looks gray on black is OK.

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