February Hearts mailed

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I mailed 4 hearts to Irene today, from beautiful Dallas. Enjoy!

Dallas Quilt Celebration show starts on Friday, and I have actually entered a quilt, a block for the “star-themed” guild quilt, and contributed a mini-quilt. I expect no prizes but look forward to a wonderful weekend and new inspirations! Plus lunch with Sophie on Saturday! (Side comment: I think the process of getting the quilt ready for the show, including filling out the forms, adding the sleeve for hanging, attaching a label, labeling the pillow case, the delivery, etc. actually takes as much time as making the quilt in the first place! Entries were due today and I stayed up until midnight last night sewing on the label and spent my lunch hour delivering the quilt. I definitely felt like I was on the wrong end of the 80:20 rule).
Linda N

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