Photos – Coin Stack

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 A rather jumbled array of photo’s – I’ll get the hang of this one day!!

I’ve nearly finished it! Just a bit more hand quilting to go, I’m doing wavey, meandering lines through-out in white – and really enjoying the journey through the blocks of stars, monkeys, giant crayons, daisies and candy stripes to name but a few. I used a very thick wadding so it’s a lovely chunky quilt and I added a scappy border and on the reverse, my gingham check backing fabric wasn’t quite wide enough so I added a stripy pach to widen, even using my one block that I had to keep behind as it didn’t make the grade size-wise!! This was my first ever entry into the Block Lotto and I won – so this quilt is staying put – I love it and I thank each and every one of you for your beautiful blocks – this is a very special quilt.

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