Congratulations, Email style

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IF you are one of our lucky winners this month:

Janet – who joined last summer and has won twice already
Blondie – a first time winner
Céline – a first time winner
Balinda – won on her ONE year anniversary with the Block Lotto … Happy Anniversary!
Andrew – a first time winner
Cathy C – a lucky girl who won Stacks in January and is back for more
Kate – a lucky old-timer … maybe because she usually donates her chances 😉
Kathie – another old timer … who hasn’t won in almost 2 years!
Mary C– a NEWBIE winner

THEN, you should have email from me.  Please respond ASAP so I can get the mailing info out to everyone and you can start receiving your beautiful Red and White blocks.

If you are one of the 64 OTHER quilters who made blocks this month but didn’t win this time, then I’ll be sending out the mailing info telling you where to send your blocks as soon as I’ve heard from all the winners.

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