Got it right the 2nd time!

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These first six don’t count…This block proved to be a bit challenging for me. I spent an evening cutting, sewing and ironing the first six at my moms house over Mother’s Day weekend. Her sewing machine foot is wider than mine but I did not realize that until half way done. I was following the wrong guide to get a 1/4″ seem!! Therefore my first six (shown above) are all 9″ or 9-1/4″ square. Well, I did want to conquer this block and make correct ones, they were really fun to put together. Once home I attempted four more on my machine and now they are all 9-1/2″ square!! Yay!!
Sophie–please donate my four chances AND can I still send the first six as extras?? I will make sure to label them so that the recipients know they are not the right size.

Ramie in Washington
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