Linda’s 3-patch quilt top – vineyard fantasy

Posted by on August 1, 2011 in show and tell | Comments Off on Linda’s 3-patch quilt top – vineyard fantasy

Thanks to my lucky winnings, I was able to put together and complete a quilt top today! I used a little fewer than half the blocks in this table topper. (it is 36 x 42). I have a friend who is a wine lover, and she will be a recipient of a “pay it forward’ promise I made earlier this year. The purple, green and blue colors made me think of wine, and I found these wine panels that went beautifully. It was a math challenge, because the 6 to 9 ratio sort of predefined what I could do with the outer border, so I had to build the center panels and inner borders to match up with the inner dimensions of the outer border. Luckily I also had a nice blue/green mottled remnant that seemed to tie things together. It’s not a perfect job, but a nice day’s work (and too hot in Texas to do much else).
I am still pondering whether to stay with the 36/42 size or to add a top and bottom border to square it up. But I think I may just bind it in this size.
I will also use the remaining 3-patch to make a children’s quilt for our guild. Thanks again!
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