2 Blocks So Far

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Here are my first 2 blocks.  I’m hoping to get more completed this evening.
I love this pattern, and I’ve made 2 quilts already from it.  I’m also working on #3, which is a Halloween quilt using 3 inch cut strips instead of 2 1/2 inch.  But, this has been such a challenge for me!  The first 6 blocks I made all came out to between 12 3/4 inches and 13 inches. Just not acceptable, so they will become a charity quilt after I get some more blocks made.  Then, I started over, being very careful of my seam allowance.  And I put the first block together wrong! 

not the right way to do it!

Can you see what I did wrong?  The middle two rows are upside down. 

So, I’m hoping that the rest of the blocks will go well.  I love these blocks and would love to win!  Do you think I can sew with my fingers crossed?!  LOL

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