Blogrolls and RSS updates

Posted by on March 12, 2012 in housekeeping | Comments Off on Blogrolls and RSS updates

Someone asked if I would be moving over the list of blogs from the old site (of blogs belonging to those who made and entered blocks in 2011) and someone else asked if we could have the updates from the blogs from the old site over here . . .

I am not going to continue to chase the list of everyone’s blogs, however . . .  if you have a blog or web site and want to share it, be sure to add it to your profile.  I’ll export the list of blogs and websites quarterly and post a list–the first list will be later this month to give everyone a chance to update their profile. For help in finding and editing your profile, look in the Help Post, First Things First–Setting Up Your Account.

I am in the process of adding the blogs that are already included in profiles to an RSS feed update to the sidebar of  At-a-Glance.  (I’ve added about half of them so far–it’s a manual process).  Because adding this functionality to a page makes it a little “heavy” and slower to load, so I decided to put it on one page ONLY.  I wish this widget would order the blog updates by date, but it doesn’t, so a random selection of blogs will appear, each time you load the page.

I believe the quarterly lists and the randomly listed updates on At-a-Glance will work for those that miss them.

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