Will You be “off line” this Weekend?

Posted by on March 30, 2012 in housekeeping | Comments Off on Will You be “off line” this Weekend?

Tomorrow, Saturday, March 31, at noon (US East Coast time) is the deadline for posting your blocks. Julie (Floribunda) will be driving the random number generator and choosing our winners–there will be at least FIVE WINNERS this month.  If 10 more blocks are posted before the deadline, we’ll have enough for a SIXTH set of blocks for one more winner.

If you aren’t able to check in with me via email over the weekend (should you be one of our winners) and you have made blocks and are in the drawing, be sure to send me an email today–please:

  1. Resend your postal mailing address, so I can confirm that what I have for you is correct
  2. Let me know how many of your own blocks you’ll keep IF you win


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