Another Lotto Block-Inspired Pillow

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PIllow-on-ChairThis weekend,  I was thinking about how often I think of past lotto blocks as design elements and how, without any effort, they turn up in my quilts and quilty projects.

At the time, I was making 16-patch blocks to use as a border for a quilt made from a scrappy version of the flying geese variation we made a few years ago. It turned out, I hated the idea once I’d made the blocks … and am turning them into a picnic quilt (Blogged here.)

I wondered how many others also see the lotto blocks in terms of how they can be combined and used in quilt design, as alternate blocks, borders, or an element in a larger design?

This morning, when I went to get something from my desk, I realized that this recently finished pillow (the other side is a hand-quilted class project) was made from four 16-patch blocks like those we made for the lotto–randomly scrappy with three black squares in each block.

Since this side of the pillow was definitely Block Lotto-inspired, it really belongs in the gallery … it’s also an example of what you might do with just a few blocks or when you want a small project that you can begin and finish in an afternoon.

The quilting is simple X’s alternated with free motioned echoing inside the square.  Below are front and back of the pillow cover before it was stuffed.


HandQuiltedPillow 16-PatchPillowBack

I blogged about it here – Old Class Project Becomes New Pillow

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