More Leaf Blocks on the Way

Posted by on November 8, 2013 in sent and received | Comments Off on More Leaf Blocks on the Way

As the October winners and a couple of other affected quilters know, creating the mailing info sheet on a guest computer in the loud, quilter-filled lobby of the Hilton turned out not to be such a great idea.  I made a couple goofs and the best way for me to fix them, once I was home in Santa Fe, was to make more blocks so the number of blocks each winner received would come out right.  I always planned to make more last month, so it was no big deal … and of course, making the blocks always goes faster the second time around. The extra blocks I made yesterday takes us to a total of 138 for the month, with each winner receiving 46 blocks.

tags-categories-reminderI mailed my blocks to Jude, Julie and Karen today.  The postal clerk was a little confused about whether or not she needed a customs declaration–I had filled one out, just in case, while I waited in line–and ultimately declared it was an envelope/letter and not a parcel and none was needed.

And while I have your attention … here’s a reminder about tags and categories for your “I’ve mailed” and “I’ve received” posts.

The category should be sent and received.  If the category, blocks is checked by default for you, UNCHECK it.

The tag is related to the block you’re talking about.  So for the October blocks, it should be Oak Leaf.

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