Duds? No Way, “Orphans Have Arrived!”

Posted by on January 23, 2014 in sent and received | Comments Off on Duds? No Way, “Orphans Have Arrived!”

Wow! Canadas’ Postal Service must be catching up…today I received a whole box full of mail including Packets from Julie Post, Jean-Sophie Woods, Maria Nelson, Kathy Snider, Cathy Labath and Terry Fisher!!!  ZOWIE!!! Ladies you are all fantastic designers, each and every block is a beauty and well constructed!…Not a Dud in the whole batch so, these must All be Orphans!  “Oh Boy” this is going to be fun Girls, I bet I will be designing in my sleep tonight and all day tomorrow too trying to come up with a plan that does your beautiful blocks justice! Thank you all so much for your Orphans…they have come to a good home and they are bringing me a lot of pleasure! Ps I love all the pieces of Fabric as well, being new to sewing I don’t have much of a “Stash” but, I am working on that too LOL

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