What does Handmade mean to you?

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As a woman of a certain age, I can remember when handmade items were not generally valued and the term home made mostly had a bad connotation.  A couple decades ago, I remember a (dress) designer friend telling me how she avoided anything that suggested, “loving hands at home.”

Handmade Stitchery for a Sewing Machine Cover

Times have changed and along with a renewed interest in knitting, quilting and sewing by a younger generation, handmade items have become valued in our culture.

Webster defines hand made as:  made by hand or by a hand process

As quilters we create handmade items.

Do you create other handmade things?

Are you a consumer of the handmade products of others?

Do you have observations on the cultural acceptance/appreciate for handmade?

Blog about it in June and add your link below.


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