We’re Making Fabric and Seeing Stars in April

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Star-HelenIn April, we are making 9-inch square Stars with made-fabric centers.

Helen made this one.

The fabric guidelines and my directions for making this blockcan be found here:

Made Fabric Star Quilt Block Pattern

You may make a maximum of 9 blocks for chances in the drawing at the end of the month. The target set size for the winners will be 48 blocks.


Tags and Categories


Add the tag Star to all your blog posts about this block.

The category should be blocks when you are posting photos of your blocks to enter them in the drawing; use the category sent and received when you are posting about mailing or receiving blocks; and the category show and tell to share projects you make from this block (whether they are lotto blocks or blocks you make for yourself.


Tips for Making Your Blocks


There are two parts for making this block: the star points units (AKA Peaky and Spike) and the made fabric centers
  • Here’s a link to The Story of Peaky & Spike, from Doreen Speckmann’s book, Travels with Peaky and Spike: Doreen Speckmann’s Quilting Adventures (via google books). 
  • If you are using the Tri-Recs ruler, here’s a video from Fons and Porter:



  • Erin Russek recently posted a great blog tutorial on making a block like ours for her Be Happy sampler–she also uses the Tri-Recs tools. Her block differs from ours in that she uses a single contrasting fabric for the center (instead of our made fabric using at least 4 different fabrics.)


Virtual Quilt … Postponed


I received a few photos of blocks from the sneak seekers, but not yet enough for a virtual quilt … as blocks are posted, I will grab photos and let you know when to come back for a peek.


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