2016 QAL

This year I have designed two very different sampler quilts using this year’s Block Lotto block patterns.


Old MacDonald Mystery Sampler


Each month I will tell you how many of the monthly block you need to make, some color cues to help you choose colors for those blocks and fill in the blocks on this grid. There are a total of 99 lotto blocks in this quilt. It measures 54 by 66 inches.




Month Blocks Color Cue
January 6 Summer Sky
February  7 Ground Cover
March  11 Ground Cover (for Background)
April  5 Summer Sky (for Sky) in 4 blocks

Mountain (for Sky) in 1 block

May  14 Green Leaves with Ground Cover and Sky/Mountain Background
June  8  Summer Sky
July  8  Ground Cover as background)
August  15  Mountains (Summer Sky fabrics as half of 5 blocks)
September  2  Barn
October  8  Sunflower
November  7  Chickens
December  6  Barn (Mountain Split 9-Patch as half of 4 blocks)


Feel free to use the color cues to choose colors other than those we are using for our lotto blocks and make it your own.  For example “summer sky” could convey a sunrise, sun set or even a summer’s night; “ground cover” might be dry desert or lush mid-western greens.

Because the Violet blocks are mixed in with February’s Snail’s Trail blocks in the layout, choose similar “ground cover” colors for the background fabric in the Violet blocks.

For July’s Spiky Leaves, the blocks are stacked in pairs so you could choose to make 4 Spiky Leaves bases and add stalks with blooms to the top.

August’s Mountains and October’s Sunflowers will look best with background similar to the “Summer sky” colors you used earlier this year.

The Roosters and/or Chicks you add in November will blend if you use similar background as the Violets and Spikey leaves.

Old MacDonald’s Blog Badge


Since a number of you have said you’ll be making the Old MacDonald Mystery Sampler with me, I made a blog badge for us.


Join the Old MacDonald Mystery Sampler Quilt-Along


Graduated Scrappy Sampler Quilt


This sampler quilt is made from four each of the monthly lotto block patterns and a scrappy, graduated series of bands for the setting. Each month, the four 6-inch blocks are sewn into a 4-patch which fits into one of the blank squares in the drawing.


2016Sampler-RainbowScrapsSetting 2016Sampler-Gray-Scale-Setting

Each of the bands is made from 21 rectangles.

For the top and bottom bands you will need:

  • 21 large rectangles (4 1/2 by 6 1/2 inches)

For EACH of the 6 bands in between, you will need:

  • 6 large rectangles (4 1/2 by 6 1/2 inches)
  • 15 small rectangles (3 1/2 by 4 1/2 inches)


No one has yet said they are planning to make this quilt … but if they do, I will make a blog badge for anyone who wants one.


Block Pattern Links


Remember, lotto block patterns are free for the first 10 days of the month they are released–use the discount code supplied in the first-of-the-month announcement post.

I will add the list of patterns here with links to Payhip, as they are announced. You can also find them on the block index page for 2016.

 Cover SnailsTrailPatternCover VioletBlockPatternCoverScreenshot
 ButterflyBlockCover GreenLeafCover-ScreenShot  ImprovBullseyePatternCoverImage
 SpikyLeavesPatternCover S9P-BlockPatternCover Cover-ScreenShot


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