Spring Violets!

Posted by on April 25, 2016 in sent and received | Comments Off on Spring Violets!

I left England just as the daffodils were giving way to bluebells, and came home to California to find packages of violet blocks strewn all over my dining table.

(My mother: “You’re receiving all kinds of packages. Should I be worried?”  Me: “No, not really.”)

I refrained from opening the envelopes until all the other mail had been dealt with, but finally I got to them, and have been petting all the pretty fabric combinations for the last half-hour.

Thank you very much to Cathy, Deana, Elizabeth, Glenna, Karen L., Marie, Margaret, Mary S., Nann, Naomi, Rachel, and Sophie for all your lovely blocks.  I’m looking forward to playing with a setting for them.

First, though, I need to sew up some orange butterflies before this month runs out!

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